Namibia Lodge Adventure - 2006
Communal weaver bird nesting
Singing for their lunch
Eyes in the sky
We're going to climb that?!
Careful there Claire
Knackered, but I made it (nice legs!)
Little footprints
The group
Sesriem sunrise
Flamingo fight
Cessna cockpit
Hard turn to the left
Dunes from the air
Sweeping down low
Happy passengers
Afternoon nap
Swakopmund lighthouse
Sleepy heads
Together forever
Colin enigmatic
The birds!
Desert elephants
And that proves how we invented everything
Entering Etosha
Zebra crossing (the first of many!)
White Rhino family
Close up
The open plain
Murray hard at work
Stealing water
Cheetah encounter!
Watching you!
Hiding in the bushes
Action shot
Running from a crisp packet (honest!)
Dik Dik
Traffic jam
Big boy
Playful banter
The rare, endangered baseball cap
Mother's licking her lips
Ostrich on heat
Mother and child
This is our waterhole
Time for a swim
Dinner's up for the vultures
Sunset in Etosha

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